What is OROCAST ?

Orocast is one of the most trustable OTT platform in which anyone can join and start streaming their own contents without any knowledge about coding. It is also the one-stop solution for creating website, application and video stream by combining and encoding the raw files sent by the user and streams it in high quality to provide uninterrupted online Video streaming.

Video Streaming

Audio Streaming

Live Streaming

Multiple platforms are supported by Orocast, thus being the high broadcasting attribute for startups as well as reputed companies. All types of streaming including video, audio, and radio are provided for android, pc, iOS, and TV as well. Moreover, integration of both YouTube content and your content can also be done in this OTT platform which, at times can be beneficial to a great extent.

Highly experienced industry experts can help you with encoding process by using the latest and most advanced video developer tools. This will not only replenish your content with high quality streaming but also reduces the cost of streaming as well. Being an open platform and supporting multiple platforms in it, regular upgrades will certainly meet your expectations from every aspect.


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